Joining Fees Of Retailers

Joining Fees

Its always beneficial for any business person to shake hands with other businessmen, vendors, customers and wholesalers. SonuMarket would be grateful to join you in our business process. We have mentioned few terms and points below at this page which you should read and follow before joining us –

Our User’s Facilities

Basic User

1. In this plan, we make your business page on Facebook.

2. You can sell your products online on Sonu Market website.

3. We make a better image of your product in online business just like professionals.

4. Sonu Market takes the first step toward digitization and make your professional presence of your brands Facebook page and assist you how you can find more customers on Facebook.

5. Sonu Market avails its great space for your products and you can add your product to Sonu Market.

6. We take a great snapshots of your products and make it look professional, you can use these images to be updated on Facebook, Sonu Market as well as other touch points.

7. Sonu Market regularly promote its self over DIGITAL MARKETING Factors which unltimately help your products reach wider audience.

8. You’ll have two extra touch point for your customers.

Premium User

1. In premium plan we set-up your Facebook page.

2. We convey ads of your products on Facebook which gives you strong leads of interested people.

3. Our digital marketing experts works on making your product image more professional.

4. We also implement an online chat function for wholesalers.

5. We sell your products online through our website.

6. You get all of the basic features added to this premium account.

7. You can browse tons of wholesalers and their product for your inventory fullfilment.

8. You can directly contact and have chat with Wholesalers,

9. You can also meet many new wholesalers just at one place.

10. Once you purchase new stock of products you can sell them on higher margins on Sonu Market as well as directly from your own store.

11. You got to understand how powerful is Digital Marketing , and how fast and efficiently it can help growing your business.

12. With new connections of wholesalers you company will become even more powerful as you can get new products at better and competitive prices best among thousands of wholesalers on Sonu Market.


1. Sonu Market creates your Facebook fan page.

2. We also run ads of your products on Facebook which let’s your business more popular on social media and your customers engage directly with you.

3. In distributor plan, we also convey ads on Google. This makes your products more available for national and international customers.

4. We also set a chat function through which wholesaler and retailers can communicate directly.

5. We sell your products locally with the help of our sales & marketing team.

6. All the online platforms helps your business and products grow professionally with a strong presence and image online.

7. There will be also an option of WhatsApp Number.

8. In distributor plan, we also sell your premium products online through our website.

9. This programm of Sonu Market is great to have features kit more specially to wholesalers and inter-state enterprises.

10. You browse tons of other products published by other wholesalers to be sold to distributors and retailers.

11. Sonu Market has offline working team have been developed the strong network which will help finding you best retailer and distributors.

12. This is a highly incentivise pro plan for production, manufacturer and wholesaler companies to develop their expansion in suburb, sem-urban and urban areas since they are getting third dimensional progress plans kit.

13. Presence over Digital Touch Points like Facebook, Google, Online Market gonna to return a lot in long run.

14. Using the Sonu Market offline Team network will allow you to use our track route to approach retailers and ain’t have to deploy your own marketers which will help your approach even faster and seeded.

15. The next great thing you’re going to use the SONU MARKET NETWORK ROUTE to build the high end aproach to the natives and each ragional market means your going to save millions bucks in hidden values.

16. Rest all basic and premium plan features included.